Robinhood video review

I made a little video intro to #robinhood and its basic features. If people want, I could go ahead and elaborate on my strategies. Keep in mind, I am heavy on #volatility . Volatility is my best friend lol. Yeah, you still need to research what you buy, but you need not be scared of taking advantage of some nice penny stock options.

Bottom of the World

I’m watching this movie right now. It was recommended to me through this website that I use called Dinggo. It helps you decide what to watch.

I remember this actress from years ago. She’s kind of pretty. Jena Malone? I don’t know the actor though. Her haircut is atrocious lol. jesus christ. She seems kind of freaky! That sex scene was … Very hot … This movie got an IMDB rating of 5.4 so I’m not looking for much here.

Church of the Solid Rock Sufferer? what the fuck.. lol. That guy eating that apple looks insane hah. I would’ve called the po po on that sketchy lookin’ dude. Anyway, the music is interesting. They look like they’re drug addicts. I think scarlett needs to see a doctor, or something. She wants to stick to the plot instead of actually getting to where they want to go.

I guess this is like a cult sort of thing. About time this protagonist wields a weapon. That guy has magical powers? How did he get his weapon? That guy has a lisp and a weird ass laugh. I would’ve crashed that car into a truck if it was me lol. Hmm… maybe our protagonist is batshit crazy? That’s a theory of mine.

Angel of the bottomless pit? My family used to say my stomach was a bottomless pit lol. If this guy was me I would’ve already left that retarded town. With or without that girl. Whatever. He’s her FATHER? wtf….what a revelation. This movie is weird, but fascinating.

So he’s dead? hm. Isn’t that the guy from 13 Reasons Why? lol. Is this like a product placement for El Rancho Hotel? I would be having amazing sex with that girl! He finds the girl in a convenience store? So weird.Has this guy gone crazy or is he dead? Or maybe he drugged up in some kind of sedated state.

I will leave the rest to you. Good movie. You should check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Mindhunter season 2 kind of sucks

What’s up with that whole lesbian angle? I don’t give a damn. Whatever happened to that cat she fed in season 1? What ever happened to Debbie? They set off the Atlanta murders in a stupid way. They should focus more on serial killer interviews. I love when they do that!

I have found it hard to finish to season out, but I am still curious on how it all unfolds. The BTK killer is boring. I think they should’ve did Ted Bundy instead, That’s just my take. I’m kind of lazy in my writing today lol

I have a new idea for a great show tho. A sherlock holmes that investigates REAL murders around the United States and solves them. That would be interesting..

Why is it beneficial for property tax to exist?

The official line is that it exists so that “we” can pay for public education, roads, etc. etc. blah blah…. But those other matters can be handled without a property tax. In simple terms, property tax is a way to extort money from the economy to the government. It isn’t necessary, but it is often enacted because the government wants your money 🙂 lol! Do you agree? No? Let me know

InboxDollars Review: Is it a Scam, or Legit?

Inbox Dollars is not a scam, but it’s a dated concept. In a time when we have access to a ton of different “earn money back” options, you don’t really need to do this. If you’re looking for a true work at home opportunity, then I could point you to some real solid choices. This is not it tho lol.

I used to make pretty good money getting paid by these kinds of sites back in the day. What I had was a bunch of people who referred each other and bunch of gift cards. I would complete a bunch of offers and collect. Nowadays, you need to remain a user for 30 days+ to qualify. It’s good for offers you have genuine interest in tho. I might list a bunch of genuine work at home opportunities. We will see…. anyway, my link is https://bit.ly/2Bvvo23 if you still want to join this site. It

s not bad, I just think the “get paid to” concept is played out.

Hostwinds 50% Off

They’re offering a site-wide 50% deal right now. Use code reviewsily to take advantage of it. I looked up their reviews and I see a lot of good stuff out there.

Click here to go to their site 🙂

Hostwinds (from what I can tell) has great reviews. Take advantage of this discounted hosting offer…

Get Robinhood. It’s good

Robinhood is a free app that let’s you buy/sell stocks and options. There’s no commission so it kicks acorn in the face when it comes to that. The only way acorns is worth it is if you’re a college student. Otherwise, nah. Simply Easy Learning

Get Robinhood. It's good 1
Yeah, I just started lol

I’m not investing a lot because I just hot started and because I have a lot of liquidity spread around. I want to begin putting my money in here. I will also be reading up on options trading because it’s interesting.

Another cool feature is you can buy and sell crypto currencies. Isn’t that sweet? I bought a shit ton of dogecoin because I think it has a lot of potential.

You receive free stock for inviting people, which is pretty darn 😎.

Your free stock is waiting for you! Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free. Sign up with my link. https://share.robinhood.com/78969

Why are all Android games the same?

It’s really boring looking for a cool android game to play and all you see are the same damn games that are repackaged. Like wtf. Can’t they be original? I mean, sure, I’d probably do the same thing If I were making that money. There’s too many games that want you to buy in game crap and not enough that allow you to atleast just buy the damn game.