Get Robinhood. It’s good

Robinhood is a free app that let’s you buy/sell stocks and options. There’s no commission so it kicks acorn in the face when it comes to that. The only way acorns is worth it is if you’re a college student. Otherwise, nah.

Yeah, I just started lol

I’m not investing a lot because I just hot started and because I have a lot of liquidity spread around. I want to begin putting my money in here. I will also be reading up on options trading because it’s interesting.

Another cool feature is you can buy and sell crypto currencies. Isn’t that sweet? I bought a shit ton of dogecoin because I think it has a lot of potential.

You receive free stock for inviting people, which is pretty darn 😎.

Your free stock is waiting for you! Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free. Sign up with my link.

Why are all Android games the same?

It’s really boring looking for a cool android game to play and all you see are the same damn games that are repackaged. Like wtf. Can’t they be original? I mean, sure, I’d probably do the same thing If I were making that money. There’s too many games that want you to buy in game crap and not enough that allow you to atleast just buy the damn game.

Screencastify – Free screen recorder extension for Chrome

Screencastify tutorial
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Screencastify is a great tool to record your screen. We currently use the free version, but we will probably be switching to the premium one in the future. ❤
One time I considered switching from using Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. Just one problem. There was no good screen recording software for Firefox. That just goes to tell you about the attractiveness of this product. It’s good ish.
Screencastify is not the only competitor in the market, but ghee yre definitely good. I will keep looking for better alternatives tho. Do you have any suggestions?